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    Does anyone out there use verifiers? I'm 56, use reading glasses only and these seem to be just the ticket. Not only concerned about effectiveness but also reliability in the field while hunting. Shooting a 2007 Bengal at 62#'s.

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    I've used a Verifier on and off for a couple years. Now at the ripe age of 63 I have to use 2.50 reading glasses/bifocals so those pins got pretty fuzzy on me. I'm far sighted to boot and have astigmatism. Just can't use glasses for shooting. Anyhow, if you log onto you can get a lot of information as they are the ones who make these things.

    I would recommend a 1/4" ball peep and a 1/4" Verifier, which will end up being 3/16" at the lens. You can get various reducers to use 1/8" Verifiers if you decide to do so, but you obviously can't put a 1/4" into a 1/8" threaded hole. Depending on how bad your eyes are you might need a #5 or #6 lens, but usually a #4 or #5 wroks well for most people. This is why you really need to find a shop that sells them and try them out. The peep is no big deal. It installs in the string just like any other peep. There's even a tube type if you need that. The lenses thread into the peep so you can try various diopters without removing and reinstalling the peep itself.

    Start out with a #4 and work your way up. You have to look for clarity of the pin(s), but if you get too much diopter it will blur the target. That's why you start low. You may end up like me and have neither crystal clear. On the other hand you might end up with near perfection. We're all individuals with different eyes.

    As for hunting? I don't hunt any more, but there is the possiblity of rain getting on the lens which can mess things up pretty good. Not to worry. For those situations you can carry the little allen wrench supplied with the lens, screw it out, and just put it in your pocket or a case. I use those little spring loaded cases used to store hearing aids (I wear two of them, too).

    One caution. When you install the lens make sure it's tight and periodically check it. I recently lost one due to it being loose (stupid me). Fortunately I have a spare #6. However, these things aren't cheap. Peep and lens will set you back about $50. Yeh, a bit salty but then it's in an $800 bow with a couple hundred bucks worth of accessories. Hundred dollar release, $150 arrows. What's another $50 to be able to aim the sucker? Know what I mean.

    Good luck and if ya got any particular questions just ask again.

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    I have a hard time getting the target in focus. Would a lens and a verifer be the ticket?

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