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Thread: Slayer Extreme with Nitrous X, questions...

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    Default Slayer Extreme with Nitrous X, questions...

    I'm pretty sure this will be my next bow. But I have a couple of questions, I would really be appreciated with any help.

    I really like blazer vanes, do I get enough clearance with normal axels or do I need wider ones (or even worse, does even wide axels help).

    I have heard that some people have found annoying that cables rub their bowarm during shot. Is this typical?

    What kind of quality one can expect from original strings and cables?

    What cam body do I need. My draw length is 28,5 or 29. If I figured right it's C-cam with mini modules???

    I have no previous experience of double cam bows so I'm a little worried about tuning. What kind of burden can I expect...

    And last. Does anyone know where I could order one. I live in Finland and we have a retailer (about 300miles from where I live), but they have no bows in their store and the price they told me is awful (about 1200-1400$). I figured I could save money by ordering one directly from states. Even when I'm going to pay shipping, taxes and customs I might save a couple of hundreds and perhaps get the bow faster. After all i have to come along with it by myself.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Segundo, I can not answer all of your questions, but I'll try to help.

    I think you will have plenty of clearence for Blazers with either of the axle lengths, but going with the long will not hurt anything.

    You will notice the cable rubbing you arm at first, but after 20 shots or so, you won't, you may even learn to like it.

    The strings on the Martins are of good quality, there is a breaking in period, but it's not much.

    Tuning these cams is a breeze, you'll have no problems with them. The bow can be worked on without a press, it can be totally dismantled by backing out the limb bolts. 8-10 turns and there is enough slack on the strings to take the bow apart, twist the strings, install a peep or time the cams.

    Finding a dealer should not be a problem, if you need help with that, try the dealer locater located on the Martin web site.

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    Default Questions??? We all do...

    I can advise you that cable/string rub can be cured by changing your shooting stance! Rotate your back foot/body, whether you be a left or right handed shooter, towards the target...this will give you clearance.

    I believe in refenece to your question about axle length, that Martin only makes long axles for the X system...they would be able to tell you exactly, however, vane clearance is normally a tuning issue, so you will probably need to address that when you start the most important part of "bow accuracy" and that is tuning!!!! And for cam/module tell them what your draw length is and they will set you up with the correct package right off the get go!!!!

    Martin will probably tell you this first, but I would recommend that you not try turning you bow down below 5 turns before other words, I probably wouldn't go down to 8-12 turns, you would just be simply begging for a heart ache if something went wrong!!!! No offense to the other respondent....but pressing a bow and removing string/cables/splits is a much safer practice, before taking that much out of the pockets!!!

    Goodluck!!!! I am sure if you e-mailed Martin Directly, they could answer all your questions!!! Not to sound preffrential, but I think overall you are making a great choice in bows from Martin's line of bows!!! I love my SLAYR!!

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