of a faild hunt that is but it was the best day of a hunt i had.last year iswhen i got into hunting thanks to my wife.i will skip the first part and move onto the real moment.my buddy and i were walking a good 10 to 15 miles a day and seen the elk but had no good shots.well the day befor we were foing to pack up and leave we were walking a road and decidd to spit off and see what we could scroug up.my buddy and i get maybe 10 yards apart and a bull stans up from his bed and starts to run off.well i throw a cow call and he stops,them my buddy throws a bull call and he starts to get dominate.hese moving back and fourth from the cow call to the bull call.after what seamed to e a lifetime of watching and waiting for him to getto a safe shot for me it happens,he wants the cow that im pretending to be.so he gets to a spot ware im thinking to my self..ok its 40 yards i can take this shot,keep in mind im hunting with a borrowed bow that i have a week of *** time on.well i draw back and take my shot.dam if that arrows goes a foot over his back.i waas more like 25 maybe 30 yards from him.long story short we toss out calls and he runs back and fourth from me and my buddy for like 5 min.i could not get another shot on him but that day will be the best day of hunting in my life.just to see him wanting to do you know what with me and fight my buddy was awsome.truly a day to remember