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    Default My Martins

    I have been a Martin Fan for over 25 years. Here are my Martin Bows.
    Lynx XR, Lynx XRG (Hybrid), Bobcat, Buckskin (Glenn St. Charles), pre 96 Bengal (Sonic Wheels), 1998 Bengal (Fury Cams), and my new favorite, 2007 Bengal. I also have a "The Stick" Longbow. Thanks Martin for all the great Bows and Memories. 2 new additions, both are Howatt Warthogs, "A" (Bubinga) and "B" (Hunter Black) series. Another new one, Mid 80's Martin Warthog. Love that laminated riser !!!!!!!
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    Barry O'Regan


    Damn I love your Warthog, wish I still had mine.

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    Default i have a question

    So I'm looking at selling my compound its a 96 Martin Bengal with sonic wheels like the one you have in your pics how much is a bow like that worth $$ i can send you a pic if ya want i live in Surrey BC thanxs

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    I got a 98 Bengal with fury cams but I cant soot it anymore.... so i ordered a 09 Bengal..... YAY!

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