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Thread: More hacking of Archery forums

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    Default More hacking of Archery forums

    From the ABA forum:

    Archery Forum, and TBGA is hosted on the same servers as AF:
    "Archery Forum could be down a while. Out host's network has been badly attacked.
    "Engineers are at DC working on restoring services asap. Very deliberate, coordinated & malicious attack on DIT network the cause. No ETA yet"
    This was posted on the 16th of this month and are still down now. I had no idea until minnie asked for information about one of the forums over at AT today. Bit of a coincidence or what?

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    Below is an excerpt from an email giving more information on what happened to TBGA (& Archery Forum). The email is a week or two old now. There was a huge amount of information, history and memories that are now gone forever

    When it does come back up I will post the details here if people are interested. Any support from archers/ bowhunters across the world will be appreciated i'm sure.

    the host server for The Bowhunters Group of Australia was recently hacked on a huge scale. The server itself literally hosts thousands of websites and many have been affected. Throughout the week they have been working on restoring all the servers they hosted and have been successful with many. We have been patiently waiting for ours to be turned back on soon, as they were down to restoring the last four that went down. Unfortunately though, we have just been informed by their technical experts that these four servers have been deemed 'unrecoverable'. It saddens me very much to say it, but unfortunately this means that our entire database has been lost, along with all membership registrations and all the many 100's of thousands of informative posts with it. There is still a slim chance that some of it may be recovered, but we basically have to treat it as though we are starting again from scratch and whatever we getback will be a bonus.

    I have been talking to ..., from Archery Forum and ..., and he has lost all of his stuff as well. So the two biggest bowhunting and archery websites in Australia have been smashed. 10 years of a lot of hard work from a lot of good people gone thanks to the sad attitude of a couple of hackers.

    ... is in the process of getting our domains hooked up to a new host, one that does a non web hosted back up, so we will be starting up again in next week or so. We will have to use a new skin for the site, so it will look different when we first get it back up. As we progress we will be endeavouring to get it back to its former glory and it will take a big effort from all the members to get it back to where it was.

    It looks like it is going to be a new beginning for us and I will communicate to all that I can when we are going again. I hope to see you all back there soon and we are going to have to come together again as a bowhunting community to get all of our great information up and help in sharing in our love of this great pastime.

    On behalf of the team at TBGA, we are very sorry for the inconvenience and also for the disruption it may have caused anyone. If you have the opportunity to pass this on to other members can you please do so in order to keep everyone informed. Yours in Bowhunting, ....

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    Exclamation My prayers go with you...

    May our Father help and assist you in your labors and may your latter be greater than your former.

    Without knowledge or evidence for my part I will not blame anyone for this sorrowful chain of events for I know that mechanisms deteriorate and mistakes occur and the easiest to blame are. My heartfelt sympathy goes forward to all of the archery and bowhunting community of Australia, to lose the communities legacy and fellowship is a trial and a major test of personal fortitude. It is also a time to reflect, meditate and move on. peace
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    One of the Boating and Fishing forums I visit was also hacked recently.
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