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    Been a Martin archer for 20 years, Have many models. Bought a 2007 Bengal this year and it is the best bow I have ever shot. One this that bothers me though, is the lack of tech support available in this forum system. I would love to see more response from Martin Techs especially for older bows. I also would like to see the new Martin website carry the full line of Martin parts and accessories online.
    Just a few suggestions.
    Thanks for the great Bows!!

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    I have found the best place to go for help with martin bows.. as well as other brands is to alot of martin reps spend time there or I just call martin... but I do agree some techs should visit this site more mark

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    Read your thread and picked up on "" Very interesting and a good read. Getting registered has a been a chore however.........

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    On the front page of this forum it reads:

    NOTE: Martin Tech support does not answer questions raised on this website. Martin Tech Support is available Monday - Friday, PST 8:00A - 4:30PM via the Martin Website contact page, or by phone at 800-541-8902.

    Like others have mentioned or calling is the fastest way to get tech support.

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