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Thread: The 12 point or better that got away with my arrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason View Post
    To me I would think people would have a little more responsibility for their animals not to put them in poor conditions of harm
    You would think hey.

    The US is so different to my part of Australia, the only dogs I would see on their own are wild dogs. Not that I think that we are any more responsible with our pets here, some aren't, just less of people near hunting area's I guess.

    Anyway, good story mate, even with that.

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    Hey thanks everybody for reading my story and your nice comments. Just got back today from planting me a little patch of bio logic. Ill tell you what though it did not have the feeling of a little patch.. I do not have a tiller or fancy cultivating tools so that garden rake and matic (pic axe type of thing) was not very forgiving on the 200th swing and so on. Its done now though, so it feels rewarding, just hope it does well.

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