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Thread: Poison Ivy Help

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    Thanks for the input guys but the problem is the quantity. It is everywhere! I have been taking the expensive route w/ Round up and am glad to read that GD has a lower price option for me (thanks GD). I found a dealer in Ohio and will get over there this week, a fruit growers co-op. I was wondering about what AS said about digging it up but more like bull dozing. I'm afraid to trash my woods w/ the very real possibility of it comming right back. My buddy told me to contact Ohio State University; they have a top rated turf and agriculture program and could probably give me a few pointers. I wonder if I pick one block of woods, say 50yds square and treat it. Would new PI growth start by the time I killed off the neighboring squares?


    PS : I just got in from shooting my Bengal, so nice to be outdoors slingin' arrows. Overall pretty happy with my groups out to 40. Sure like that bow!
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