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    Default Ideas for new subforums

    I'll come straight out and ask for the following subforum's. I don't like groups unless its a social group.

    'Announcement': Global announce on forum.
    'Reviews': Replace the group with better text and image handling. It sucks having to span multiple reply's.
    'Proud Martin Bow Owners' or 'Showcase': A subforum for displaying photo's of our Martin bows like TIGON's group.
    'Do It Yourself, Modifications & Ideas': DIY like Hutch's group. Same reason as the reviews.
    'Tutorials, Tuning & Tips' From basic setup to more complicated stuff. Credit for this idea to Money Man!
    'General Hunting' or 'General Hunting & Outdoors': Talk hunting tactics and anything outdoors. Credit for this idea to Sharxfan & HawgEnvy
    'Technical Specifications': A subforum with separate threads for members to post photo's and specifications of bows/parts from any year.

    Some of this could be handled by a sticky too, maybe.

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