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Thread: What arrows !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arrow Splitter View Post
    Try rotating your nocks 180 degrees, and see if that helps.
    He's right if you turn your nocks 180 degrees or if you have a drop away turn the nock a little at a time. It is called nock tuning and we do it all the time in the Super Shooter. We have taken Many arrows new or used and shot them out of our machine. We have found that you might have 4 arrows hit next to each other, and 2 arrows hit left or right or hi or low. Once we have adjusted them they come closer to the 4. Then we adjust the 4 and in the end all are in a 50 cent piece size circle

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    I'm shooting GT Velocity Hunter 400s right now. When I got them, I did a mini-paper tune to check flight, also indexed (turned/rotated cock vane) the nocks if I wasn't getting good tears until I got consistent results with all the shafts. So far I have to say that I have really been pleased with these arrows and my Cheetah. I picked them up for $64 fletched/shipped. If these continue to perform well throughout the rest of the summer and perform well in the field giving me the penetration that I need - I'll look at picking up the XTs for next year. If not, I might give the Kinetics a whirl.

    Plan on shooting 100grain G5 T3 - right now with pre-season blades, they are dead nuts out to 30-40. Haven't had a chance to shoot beyond that yet. Hopefully next weekend.
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