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    Question Crimson Talon XT

    This broadhead caught my eye at the end of this season. I've been shooting mechanicals the last couple of years but just got a new bow so I thought I would explore going back to a more conventional broadhead.

    Curious if anyone out there has hunted with them and were you happy? What do you hunters they works as advertised?

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    Not sure at this point you can critacally asses any broadhead set-up....I personally think this is a preference to each hunter as long as they take into consideration F.O.C. for their arrow....I personally like the strength and dependibility of Muzzy broad heads...not because I am a salesman...just a user...I have actually used several broadheads and have found under extreme and exceptional situations that they fly consistentley the best and when it comes to "CRUNCH TIME" don't give they brag..."Bad to the bone"!!! Yes, you are right, the blade will fracture and dull, but always has come through in one piece...not shaved off or broken off...ah, heck, if you make a good shot through the lungs...they have always said that all you need is a hole...anatomy tells us that the lung will collapse with just one I guess, we could just use a field point if we make a good shot!!! Not adviseable however, that is just in theory, kind of...muzzel loaders have killed for ages with one hole through both lungs...they don't really depend on shock to kill...just that hole...think about it

    However, I like going out ground squirrel hunting to fine tune my shooting is fun offense to those that think this is just killing...many cattle farmers appreciate this kind of service free of charge to them, to eliminate holes and most importantly the fact that a ground squirel eat's approximately 1-acre of grass point being...I have shot those little buggers right through the chest at 50-60 yards, normally closer, and they can even pack off a Muzzy broadhead with arrow till they get to the hole they are trying to get down....that is always a no go....a 30 inch arrow going into a 2 inch hole...I don't think so...anyways...whatever game you hunt can and will in most cases pack your arrow off...even if it was a pass through...the wound wiil give them adrenalin, to suceed , and strive on till the breath of death finally reaches them, which can take even on the greatest shot...approximately 30 to 60 seconds, at 35 m.p.h. can end up being quite aways from the point of impact...esepcially since they don't run in a straight line, tracking being your best friend, if you know how to do that...I watch lot's of hunting shows where they wait till the next day or days to track and scan for game...I personally wouldn't eat their meat... it has soured...which explains why so many people complain about wild meat tasting bad!!! Hello, would you eat soured beef or chicken especially????????
    Sorry, soured meat is soured meat....don't be afraid of the dark, and get your game out as quickly as possible!!!!

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    Default BroadHeads

    I will tell ya from experience I bought a new Jaguar and the first broadhead I tried was the Rage and wow I put that thing on there and it flew like beauty. but the draw back is they are so expensive. but they are worth it.

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