Okay, so I went to the hunting lease yesterday and set out some hog logs to try and get some swine to come into killing range during the day. At one of the bait sites I have a pretty good tree that I have scoped out as a prime candidate for a climbing tree stand. Now the other bait site is in prime position to be hunted from my box stand. Here comes the quandary.... I have a game cam placed about ~300 yds north of my box stand and when I checked it over the last 4 months there has been a 8 point, an in velvet 4 point and assorted does crossing in front of this cam. When I was out there yesterday there is no really feasible place for a climbing stand.

So the crux of my dilemma is how to get the damn deer. Has anyone here used a ground blind and how effective are they? Do you put it in place days or weeks before the hunt? Have you had any luck putting it up the morning you hunt? Do you use loose material to blend it in to the surrounding enviroment? I need to work out some logistics before bow season starts and need some help.