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Thread: Broadhead target?

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    I had one of the Morrell Yellow Jacket "Weatherproof" broadhead targets. It's weatherproof alright, but not SUN proof. After a month of being outside, the thing fell completely apart. The only thing that holds it all together is plastic wrap. Morrell told me that it's not really designed to be left outdoors. In that case, who cares if it's weatherproof? It's layers of foam, with cardboard sheets in between. Spent an afternoon picking all that crap up out of my yard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ehunter View Post
    Morrell told me that it's not really designed to be left outdoors.
    They are a little bit deceptive on their website faq:

    Q. How do I take care of my target?

    A. All Morrell targets are designed with your shooting comfort and enjoyment in mind, which means we design them to withstand the elements of weather (so you can leave them outside). On our bag targets, as long as you keep a good cover on them, they should maintain excellent performance. On our broadhead targets, little extra care is required. For ultimate longevity, keep both broadhead and bag targets covered when not in use, in order to shield them from the sun and rain.
    So you have to cover them for 'ultimate longevity'. Right...

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    Sportsmans warehouse has a 35 dollar bh target i use. Its holding up pretty well. Will last me another season or two.
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    Default helpfull hint

    sun kills foam
    to help add life to your ole BH target of corse cover it with a tarp... but mainly Pick up the pieces kepp um in a big zip lock or what ever. Now that you and your hunting buddies have shot a souphole in it! ( wont stop the BH ) Lay target on a piece of cardboard , have a 2nd ready to cap the top of hole... now get the expanding foam you picked up after reading this.. While you fill the hole have one or more of them dudes whom help tear up said BH target, stuff all them slivers you all been saving and or chunks back into the hole or holes... keep in mind It's called "expanding " for a reason... Once you feal its full or will be SOON cap it off with cardboard and some pre gartherd Heavy objects.. 20 lbs or so I say that only because i always use 2 10# weights... wont be prety, nor easy to see any body detail if uses on A 3D..unless you carve it in an high light with paint.... stuff cures in 24 Hr... BH's pull just as easy as the target gave um up befor
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