AS's thread got me thinking that maybe we should do a first car thread for everyone else. Since it was my idea I will start off.

I don't have picture right now but my first car was a '70 Dodge Challenger. It was green with a white vinyl top ( I hated that damn roof totally ruined the look of the car) and it had a 318ci engine. Now that I look back on it it may not have been the best first car for me as I still don't know how I made it past 18 in it.

On a side note I was brought home from the hospital in that car and I was one weekend from bringing my girls home from the hospital in it. I had planned it all out and I was going to work on it that weekend but there was a doctors appointment during the week and while I was at work I got a call saying they were coming and to get my A$$ home now and never got a chance to get the car running. They were 1.5 months early which is common with twins I hear but I wish someone had thought to tell me that before they were born.