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In the first pic there is no bait I just had a hunch that they would be that way based on cam pics from last year and also there is a creek they are crossing before they get to that cam. Also have three does on that cam but am way more excited about the buck.

in the second pic you can see the top of my "hog log" that I made to bait some hogs into coming into my area and hanging around. I was really surprised to see that 6 point on the cam but it seems that he came at midnight the day I finished putting them out. Maybe the beer and corn mixture attracted him but he was not interested in digging it out. The other "hog log" that I put out had a pig show up in the morning and hang around for 2 hours playing with it and then he showed up the same night and played with it for 3 hours. I think I have his pattern now so the next time I will be waiting for him with a rifle in hand.
Sounds good. I hope you get him.