earlier tonight,bout 9pm,i was out shootin in the yard. I switched from a single pin to a multi-pin sight last night.My old Montana Black Gold Dusk Devil. I drilled the pin guard and installed a light for night hunts. I'd just finished sighting in my 35yd pin,when dark was settling in. I had two more arrows then I was done. I nocked my second to last arrow,drew,and anchored. Just as I was about to release, a coon stepped from the brushline and started crossing the yard...right in front of the target. I couldn't believe it,so I adjusted my aim and released. Shooting right in front of the coon. I pulled my arrows and went in to get my kill light put on the Cheetah. I came back out equipped w two Harvet Time HT-2's tipped w Slick Tricks and went to wait at the back of the yard,taking stand on the old flat bed truck. It wasn't but 5min when I heard the weeds rustling. I hit the opening w the red filtered light and saw the coon. I drew back and released and that thing let out a mean snarl as it whirled back into the scrub. All went quiet and I went to the bloodtrail. It took a few minutes to find it in the tangle of weeds,cut brush and grapevines,but I got it. I'm guessing about 10-12lbs female.


I'm breakin in the bows good n proper for this deer season. Can't wait to stick a Trick in a deer.