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Thread: Fletching Jig!

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    Default Fletching Jig!

    Take a look!

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    Looks like a heck of a jig. Only thing I can see that might pose a problem is the keychuck arrow holder. I can see someone tightening it down a bit to tight, and damaging an arrow. Plus, you'd have to take the chuck off and thread it on the arrow to just replace one vane. Other than that, looks like a great idea.
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    Cool Saw this a while back...

    Really liked it but couldn't find it on the market anywhere. It seems like a great solution for blazers, but I would like to give FOB's a try first. FOB's may not be a total solution but for backyard and basement shooting where I destroy fletchings it may be the ticket. Where someone gets to shoot at your arrow like in 3D they may not prove so beneficial.
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    That's a very neat machine, but is anyone really going to pay over $160 for a fletching jig?

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