I bought this bow for my dad and it looks like it is made just for Dicks sporting goods. I am trying to set it up for him but can't find any info on the bow. There is nothing on the Martin website and not even a post in the forums using the search feature. The manual is generic and it came with a slip of paper with a list of bows and which module gives what draw length, but the Rack Attack isn't on it. It also shows different bows having a different draw length for the same module. I'm a little worried about buying a Martin if they can over look such a basic piece of critical information. What other corners do they cut?

So does anyone know anything about this bow? Is it a relabeled bow? I can't find one on the website that has the same axle to axle length and looks the same. I assumed they would make the modules so they can be switched out without a press but it looks like the screw hits the limb and won't back out. At the very least the piece of felt for the stop will have to come off. Any info will be greatly appreciated!