Okay, I have done alot of searching on the interwebs and I know how to do the cat whiskers but my issue is no bow press. Now I have heard it mentioned on here that you do not need a bow press to work on a martin bow. So how would you do the whiskers without the bow press to relieve tension on the string?

BTW I am on a mission to wipe out noise on my bow. Everything on the damn thing is vibrating loose. I found that the levers on the sight came loose and that was causing noise so I tightened them down and cut some noise down. I am now looking at the SOS and am going to put some foam behind the rubber and see what happens I also put rubber washers between the SOS and TRG to dampen out any noise there. Almost there I only have until Sept 17th to work the kinks out before I try and get first blood.