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    Default DIY small game heads

    found this earlier this year and have been playin around. Can't wait for squirrel season!
    materials needed: 8/32" machine screws w nuts, 5/16" and 1/4" wingnuts.
    insert machine screw through wingnut. Use the 8/32" nut to secure the wingnut to the machine screw.thread into your arrow and shoot stuff.

    these little boogers are tough and mean. They shred metal coffee cans and pop through cooking pans w ease. I haven't messed up an arrow or a head yet. As near as I can tell judging by the drop at 20yds, the 5/16" heads equal 125gr and 1/4" equal 100gr. Cost? Less than $5 to make 1dz of each size. Compared to $12 for a single G5 SGH. I'll use these instead.
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