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...I agree Destroyer...don't get me wrong man, I love shooting a compound, but there's something to be said about the simplicity of a traditional bow...and I don't mean they're easy or simple to master...it's just I go months where I'm like a cat chasing its tail with compounds...man all the info...new bows come out...new speed demons...new accessories/products...It becomes like information overload!...deep breaths, slow down, relax, nock an arrow, check your posture/head/bowhand placement, draw, aim, release, follow through...I know man, I've been reading some Core Archery, but yes, I get to the point to where my compounds go in there cases for a while, until I start having withdrawals for them, and I've gotten over why I packed 'em up the start with, but a recurve...man, I love 'em, they are the dog of the bow world. You come home, had a bad day, the recurve is always there for you...it loves you unconditionally...the compound on the other hand is not happy simply because you're spending some quality time together...the compound is like you're choking me, you're torquing me, you're drawing me with your arms , not your rhomboids...but yes, I guess what I'm saying is the recurve is a true love affair and the compound bow relationship is more like a love/hate relationship...man, if it wasn't a hundred degrees here and HIGH humidity, I'd go shoot a bow...guess, we really need an indoor range in the Greenville, NC area...thanks for letting me rant!
Well said, I enjoyed this so much I had to repost it. I feel this way many times.