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Thread: World Transplant Games 2007

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    Hi there to all the Martin clan on this forum (after all we who shoot a martin are all one big family )

    Just a short post about the World Transplant Games that will be in thialand in 2007. The federation is seriously thinking about adding Field Archery to the program . Now it all depends on the response that they get from interested parties not just shooters but from official staff such as recordes, co-ordinaters etc.

    So if there is anybody out the who has had any kind of transplant or are waiting to recieve one please contact your countries/states transplant association because how great would it be to take part in these games as the first ever Archers .

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    Thanks for the info, I will pass it along on other forums

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    Hi guys just a short post to say that yes it is official they will be having Field Archery in the 2007 World Transplant Games in Thialand. "YAHOO"
    So it looks like Ive got alot of training to do .
    Also for all you Aussies out there they are in the process of planing Archery for the 2006 National Transplant Games in Geelong Victoria 16-23 September so anybody who is interested from any point be it competing or even officials contact Mark Cocks at and he can point you in the right direction

    Cheers everyone and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    Straight Arrows

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