Not sure what year it was, but I'm guessing about 2004-5. I was sitting in my favorite tree stand that overlooks a tractor path on one side, and a crop field on the other. Alot of deer use this path moving from one place to the other, and across properties. There was a scrape line running down the tractor path for about 200 yards. I had one scrape about 25 yards away, another about 40 yards down the trail. Every Sat. morning I'd go out, throw some juice in the nearest scrape, and climb into my tree. One morning, just as it was getting to be shooting light, a bobcat walked out of the creek bottom right up to the scrape I had sweetened. It "relieved" itself, then began tearing up the ground in the scrape. Then started jumping up and clawing at the licking branches. I thought it rather funny, and watched this go on for a good 10 minutes. Then it just casually walked back into the creek bottom. Didn't see a deer one that morning. The following Sat, the exact same thing happened. Refreshed the scrape, climbed up, and at first light, here comes the bobcat. Peeing in the scrape, clawing at the ground and branches, then just walks off. Again, no deer show up. The next weekend, I follow the same routine, freshen the scrape, climb up, and wait. Again, here comes the bobcat. He pees, claws around, tears at the branches, and finally stops. He walks off about 5 yards and turns to look over his handywork. I let lose with a perfect shot, and he takes off. Runs to the nearest tree, climbs about 5 feet up, and falls back down dead. I waited about 15 minutes, then walked over to where he was laying. Nice looking cat, so I took him to the taxidermist. The following weekend, without the imminent threat of bobcat attack, the deer were back. I shot a nice 140 class 8 pointer out of that same tree that Sat. morning.