Hello, I have recently purchased a secondhand Scepter II Pro Series with Elite Limbs, I've only had it for about 3-4 months now, but i like it a lot, It's certainly a big step up from the Black Bear II that i used to have ! I regularly top score at my club now, which is quite satisfying, I must say ! What size do the Elite Limbs go up to ? the stamp on mine says either, 9H or H6, I'm not sure which Cams it has, but with the bow adjusted all the way up it said about 73 pound on the scale, but i'm not sure how acurate the scale was, i'm guessing it should have said 70 or 75 pound not 73 pound, as i shoot FITA with it, I only need 60 pound but that has the Limb ends almost out of their pockets ! also when i set the tiller to zero, i notice that the cams are not perfectly synchronized, I have been told that cam sync is more important than zero tiller, so does that mean i should try to get the cams sync'ed, regardless of what it does to the tiller, or is there a middle ground i should be aiming for ? I can't get my arrows to fly straight out of the bow, sometimes i can see the arrow in flight as it leaves the bow and the tail of the arrow is corkscrewing through the air ? my rest is set approximately 3/4 of an inch from the side of the bow, my arrows are gold tip ultralight pro's ! everything seems to be set correctly, except for the cams not being perfectly sync'ed !

any and all help is greatly appreciated, as well as any info on the scepter II pro series ?