No, not the same holes. The newer SIIs had a bulge on the right side of the riser, just where you have the "Pro Series" logo and there was a hole in that bulge that was for an offset cable guard. As I said, I have the same riser as you do - I use the lower of the 2 holes for a downward angled weight.

I shoot the same riser, with the shoot-through system, using FuryX cams, so no cable guard. My limbs are newer, but pretty much the same except without the little caps in the groove of the limb.

The #0X cam gives me 29" draw, and the #1X would give 30". If you want 29.5" you would probably want the #1 cam and short-string the bow a bit.

Cables would be 44" and the string for either the 0x cam at 29" or the #1X cam at 30" would be 56", so go with the #1 cam and a 55.5" string.

The regular Fury cams and the FuryX cams as well as the high letoff Fury HL cams all use the same specs.

As for limbs, each number is 5# heavier and each letter is within the 5# range (Light, Medium, Heavy). Your 9H limbs with the Fury or FuryX cams would give you 75# with the spec strings. Short strung you should max out at about 72#.

You should be able to find used Fury cams and possibly used lighter limbs on Archery Talk classifieds. Not very expensive.

I don't know what the specs would be for your Z-cam setup.

Any just in case you weren't aware, the Scepter II (with Fury cams) still holds the world FITA round record. Nothing wrong with your bow - it's as accurate as anything else out there and newer.

If you'd like more info, please start a new thread and keep the pics small (Convert them to jpgs instead of bmps). I'm on dialup and your pics take too long to download. Thanks.