Just got back from 3 days of looking for cow Elk, seen everything but that. Four bulls, 2 two points, a spike & a four point. Eight Antelope with two bomber bucks, five deer, and 9 coyotes. Got some good info from a local just as we were leaving to come home. Will have to check it out the day before opener, Octobet 1st.

7239 feet above everything, the wife is looking at the two point in the next pic

270 yards out, my zoom worked pretty good

This is a spike that was pretty spooky. He was 50-60 yards when we first seen him leaving a water hole. close to 200 when he stopped for the pic.

This was by one of the 4 water holes I found.

My season is 18 days and I only have 12 to hunt. I'm bringing everything, bow, black powder, and rifle as this is a any legal weapon tag. I found a place to use each. I leave on the 29th and will be returning on the 12th.