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Thread: old bow, lots of questions

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    Question old bow, lots of questions

    Hi guys, as some of you may know I'm very new to the achery scene, and have an old Martin Lynx Magnum, I see lots of posts for info on wheels, cams strings and cables etc., my info decal has been painted over, how do I find out how old my bow is and what wheels, cams etc it has on it?

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    First of all I am going to guess your Lynx is over twenty years old! Does it have quik-change energy cams or triple draw eccentric wheels? If they are wheels, what is the diameter of the wheels??? Also, what exactly are you looking for????

    I am guessing it has true "cable" for cables, and at the end of each cable is a Micro-tune harness system with a yoke cable attached to the outside end of each axle...the Micro-tune harness system is for timing your cams or wheels...and it is easy, you just take pressure off the bow and change it by moving it to a different lengthed notch in disk until you get your cams or wheels timed perfectly.
    If it has energy cams, you will more then likely be stuck with the draw length the bow has now...because to change draw length you replace a module #1-#7 which adjust in 1" increments...which back in the day had to be purchased at a Martin dealer...maybe someone still carries them, I cannot say.
    If it has triple draw eccentric wheels, there will be three notches in the side of the wheel, which the cable is bending through...the middle notch is 30" draw and depending on which axle bushing the axle is going through, one side of center is 31" and the other side is 29".
    I mentioned which axle bushing the axle is going through...there should be two on the inside of the wheel across from each other...the bushing protruding out closer to center of wheel is for 50% let-off and the opposing bushing should be closer to the outside of wheel and it is for 60% let-off.
    As for poundage rating...couldn't be exact...but like all martins to this very has a 15 pound draw weight range....I am going to guess if it is a M-7 that it originally had 65#-80# draw other words crank the limb bolts all the way down and see what you get for a draw weight....when turning the limb bolts back turn will equal about 3#'s less draw weight and never go back more then 5 full turns...after that it is time to have a bow press for disassemblie....good luck if I can answer any more questions on this bow...let me know....I have one in the closet and it was a Monster Great bow in its day and for some still can be....I was getting 230 f.p.s. with 520 grain arrows out of mine!!!

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    I guess I forgot to mention and/or answer a couple other questions....cables, if they are true cable as I suspect, they really shouldn't ever have to be replaced, since they don't stretch hardly at all...and you probably can't even find someone that sells them!!!! There should be a teardrop on the end of the cables that your string loops over...these are kind of nice, since when you replace your string, you just loop the new string on the opposite side of the teardrop and draw your old string back slightly and attach the other end of your new string to the other teardrop, opposite side of old string of course...let down the old string and remove...if you can't remove probably hasn't stretched that far yet, so just simply pull the new string back and remove the old one!!!! o.k. as for specs on String Length, I would no more if I now whether you have cams or wheels....wheels if it like mine....takes a 18 straind 36" length with teardrop will probably have to order don't forget to mention "teardrop" ends!!! K? Because that is critical!!! Strings for todays bows have a much smaller loop in the end of there strings and cables!!!

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    Really can't help without pictures.
    My Lynx is from '97 has a Unicam and came with FastFlight strings and cables.

    You can search around the internet and try to find pictures of cams to compare to.

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    Thumbs up old bow,etc.

    Wowwww, thanks for a ton of information,I went and looked at the bow and the cams. The top cam has a "R" on it and the bottom has an "L" with the number 2 on the opposite side, also the cables say " Martin Archery" so I guess they are originals. I can't find any numbers on the limbs but the have Martin decals on them and are 16" long. I'll try to figure out this digital camera thing and send photos. I have a small portable bow press, I think I'll take all the cables etc., off { after I take pictures} and lube it all up. Any special lube I should use?

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    Question old bow, lots of questions




    BowCams0005.jpg I don't know if this will work, I borrowed a digital camera and took some pics of my cams etc. Anybody know what these cams are? They are on an old Martin Lynx Magnum.

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