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Thread: Bad Placement

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    Jimmy J


    when i set up a new bow I usually try some different setups.
    Or when I display the new model for other archers that wants to take some test shots it gets quite alot of work with the drawlenght.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy J View Post
    Well shouldnīt be any problem to move these two bolts so that they donīt come behind the limbs on all bows, regardless of the limbangle.
    i have the same on my altitude as on my cheetah, and friends scepter4 and also seen the same on the jaguar, could have accepted it if it was only one model or year, but ALL the martins I have seen has the same crappy placement

    I am going to have to chime in on this one...IF it were possible it WOULD have been done. It is not as easy as just relocating the module screws. Keep in mind that these are a shared module between a number of different cam systems. As others have said it is quite easy and DOES NOT require a bow press...or even backing the limbs out for that matter.

    Try giving a tug on the cable and notice what happens...the cam rotates. With this principal in mind you can take a small screw driver or axle to 'lock' the cam in place by inserting it through one of the holes on the cam. Be sure to insert the screw driver or axle ALL the way through the cam and both forks on the inside portion of the limb...if I can do this while on my couch watching TV then so an the average guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myk View Post
    How often are you changing your draw length?
    That would be my first ?

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