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    Default string twang!!!!

    can anybody tell me what to do? i have a 2006 sabre decked out even evrything has a dampener on it including my string but after reserving my string,i noticed a string twang noise when i shot it.i dont really know that it wasnt already there and it was just a super quit day but if i can hear it the deer can.and im pretty sure it wasnt that loud because just before reserving it i was bragging about it not making enough noise till the 3d target thwack and shot a buck and a hog with it.anyway any string noise troubleshooting ya`ll can throw my way it would be appreciated! pkfav-central texs

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    Default Sts?

    Have you tried using an STS? I've got one on my 06 Saber and it helps a lot. No more "twang", just a little "thup" at the shot.

    Give Jon a call at Eagle Eye Archery if you don't have anyone local to get you one. They're $40 shipped last time I checked and worth every penny. Make sure you tell him you need the front mount version...not that he wouldn't know that if you tell him what bow you have

    Tell him WR_Orion sent ya.

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    I don't know for sure as I am very new to this, but from what I have read so far tells me that if twang starts the most likely culprit is cam timing.

    Check out archerytalk and do a search, it seems that a lot of guys are saying to get an STS. But it also appears that this is treating the symptoms not fixing the underlaying problem. Since you know previously you did not have twang, and now you do, something changed. Identify the change and correct it and you'll be quiet as ever.

    From what I have read, many recommend shifting up to Winners Choice, or some other higher quality string.

    Also look for Joel C, he works for Martin and can help you out, pm or call him (number is listed there)
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    I have to agree that I would be looking to cam timing first....however, if you did not take the string off to serve it, then it shouldn't effect timing, unless you did...of course, I don't know if you served the ends or just the middle??? Needless to say, normally, if I have worn a serving out, it is time to replace the strings anyways, just because, heck, they are not that expensive and I actually don't think reserving a string is worth it unless you got a string from some company that just simply did a sucky job,,, then I would be yelling at the company to send me a new string....sorry, just my opinion, anyways, if you check cam timing first that would atleast eliminate mine and atleast one others suspect first otherwise, try a new/different string?????? Martin is going to tell you to buy their strings or comprable and I would agree....I get mine from some hole in the wall place in my area...but they do a awesome job and I never have a just have to find the right place for string replacement or get good at building your own...that is always a possibility as well...kinda

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    Default stringt wang

    thanks guys for all the helpful starts.yes,it is the original string and i just noticed it coming loose in the middle and on on the inside .both easy to get to and just unwrapped a little to get a knot in it and restrung from there and di a good job i think.but i think first of all i didnt check to see if my serving is the same size as what was on it so that might be my culprit.also i figured out that the brace rod cable holder ,i dont know right off the technical name for it but it was not functioning properly and when i xhanged that i lost a lot of it.and the rod wasnt at 1 o was more like 2 o clock which was putting a bind on that cable slide.but next time i get it out if it is still twanging ,i am taking ya`llls advaice and going back to the shop and just having him put a new one on and a little more expensive and explain my prob so he will tune and check it out for me! thanks`be helped a fellow hunter that,since my shoulder dislocation 16 years ago ,just got back into archery the last 2 years shooting with my other good arm so now im llike youalll.shooting right handed.LOL-i bought a little 40-50lb browning adrenaline as a secomd bow and love i know the martin guy wont take long tweaking mine out -the sabre that is!and ive shot it enought that it could use a new string anyway.but i just reserved it in the middle more or less where it was coming untied.but i bet the serving i got isnt the same size.whatcha think? could thatt be it? thanks pkfav

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