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    I read on the orion with the dyna cam that they don't have timing marks because their window of rotation is so wide. My question is, does the came produce the same effectiveness throughout this rotation? Also is there a way to tell if the cam is off or is it even possable to get this cam out of time? Lastly I'm shooting a roughly 350grn arrow, with a draw length of 26.5" and pulling 60#. This orion is rated at 300fps IBO and I'm getting 226, does this seem right? Thanks in advance for any help.

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    I am no teck but I have found the dyna cam on my saber's to be in time throughout the draw ranges. As for bow speed this is a quote from the Hunters Friend web site " To get an accurate IBO Speed rating, manufacturers must test their bows under the same preset conditions: setting the bow for exactly 70# Peak Draw Weight, exactly 30" Draw Length, and they must shoot a test arrow that weighs precisely 350 grains."
    With that in mind your speed sound about rite.

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