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Thread: STS...I feel stupid but, huh?

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    Default STS...I feel stupid but, huh?

    What is STS???? Just that simple of a question of ignorance....kinda like, huh??? Probably nothing I need...beings I am driving tacks with this new set-up...but I have to ask...silent as heck by the way...and no jump in the riser either....just have to know....kind of like sleepless in seattle or something with all these letter defintions...ha, ha!!!!

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    i just had to look it up, also. i looked on archerytalk and see that it is a system that stops the string at normal resting brace height when fired. i don't know what it stands for, but i think it's the company making them.

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    It stands for Shock Terminator Suppressor. It is supposed to aid in accuracy, silence, string slap, and shock absorption. It is similar to the stealth shot system on the new Hoyt Vectrix. It mounts in the rear stabilizer hole and stops the string at the end of the shot. It keeps the string for slapping back and forth after the shot. Hope that helps. P.S. Martins are already silent and don't need that!!!

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