Hello Martin Team!

In 1998 i purchased a M-65 Bobcat and, after having to stop archery due to time constraints for way too long, started shooting it again last year.

Now I got to replace string and cables: the string has broken in parts over winter and it's now impossible to measure its length. And - you probably guessed it - the bow-identification-and data-sticker on the lower limb has become almost unreadable.

I could decipher some of it however and collected the following data:

Bow: Martin M-65 Bobcat
Peak Weight: 60-75lbs
Let-Off: 65% (Fury Cams)
String lenght: 53 1/8 inch (?)
Cable length: 39 inch (?)

Draw length: 29 inch
Bow Number: unknown

My question: Can anyone tell me whether the string and cable length combination I deciphered are possible? Or did I guess it fundamentally wrong?

Any info is highly appreciated...

With kind regards,