Hello ... I am new to target archery and am having trouble setting up my draw length and weight on the bow I purchased thru a fellow on Archery Talk. I have a Martin Phantom, maybe from 2001 or 2002? The specs he listed that his wife shot at should have been darn close but when he shipped it he tightened the limbs all the way and there is no info written on the specs sticker to go by for peak weight, draw or anything else. Any how, the first thing I need to do is find out what the specs for the cams are to decide if I need new ones to meet my draw length, right now it is very short. The only markings on the cams are 000HL. The local archery shop has been very helpfull but they cant seem to get the length right for me and keep the draw weight in check. Any info you all can provide will be great.

Thanks All !!