I ordered it from my local pro shop about 2 weeks back and have been itching to shoot it. Well I got the call yesterday that it was in... BUT, there was a problem. (To myself I am thinking damn it, I am going to have to wait longer) Well he goes on the explain the problem is that Martin has 2 accessory kits for the Bengal, the Complete Kit (with case, arrows, points, relase, armgaurd, etc) and the accessory kit (has the quiver and a couple other pieces but not much). Well I wanted the complete kit, but they of course recieved the basic kit. Oh well I say, what will it cost me to upgrade to, well the complete kit would have been another $100 and 2 more weeks from Martin, but they had all the parts in the store for $80 (with a bit of a discount), so I went up and picked it up today.
The guys at Crosswind Archery (Mt Airy, MD) were just awesome, they had the bow setup and ready to shoot when I walked in, checked my DL and cut my arrows and installed the points (which I bought elsewhere) and gave me a chance to shoot it and zero it in.

Now I know that I was only shooting a 10yards, but 3 shots to zero the sights and peep and I followed it up with 10 shots each one damn near dead center on the circles. I am going to love this thing. No shock, no noise, the arrow hitting the targets made more noise than the bow. Can't wait to get outside at the range and really start putting it through her paces.