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Thread: question about design of 1007 cheetah's

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    Default question about design of 1007 cheetah's

    hi, new to the board, but i've been shooting martins for just about 15 years now. the question i have is with the riser design of the new cheetah's. i'm somewhat confused because while looking at them on various different web sites, i've seem to find two different riser designs. i'm going to attempt to attach the photo's that i've found. anyway, which design is the correct one? i seem to like the one that has the V.E.M.'s in the center of the riser better, as opposed to the one that has them on the back side, or hand side of the riser. please give any info that you can.


    j.t. jarrow
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    JT, I am not sure they have the right picture as I am looking in the Martin 07 Catalog right now ..and the pic they show for the Bengal has the VEM in the middle and the pic of the Cheetah has the vem on the back .. The main difference looks like ATA in between the two bows ..The Bengal is 32 ata and the Cheetah is 30 1/2 ata ..So, you may want the Bengal ..but, it looks like someone posted the wrong pic on their site .

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    I don't know about the Cheeta but they changed the Bengal design similarly. Where they moved the VEMs into the center of the riser and the idler got more holes.

    If the Cheeta saw similar changes I would say both pictures are accurate.

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    well, i just happened to notice that when you click on compound bows on the left hand side of the martin main page, it shows one on the left that i have posted. now, if you go to on-line shopping off the main page and click on compound bows, it shows the one on the right that i have posted.

    however, both pages say new 2007 cheetah


    still confused!!
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    they are both cheetah bows.. the one with the vem off the back of the riser was the old design similar to the bengal... the one wiht the vem in the center of the riser is the one you would get if you ordered today..

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