I have asked this question elsewhere, and not really got a decent answer. I have also looked through IBO and ASA rules, but I'm still not certain, so I thought a question here might do the trick.

I am considering a trip to the US next summer to take part in some 3D shoots. Primarily I'd like to head to the IBO Worlds or the ASA Classic, I don't mind which, as I will only be shooting for the fun of it (if I can get an entry), but, which classes could I shoot in?

I shoot fingers with a five pin sight. My stab is around 12 to 14", but I could easily make it less than 12", as really it's used more as a 3rd leg when the bow is not in use.
Over here I shoot out to past 60 yards, so I'd prefer not to be restricted to 40 yard max, and I never use bino's, as they are not allowed in the assoc I shoot in.
Oh, and I am a teeny tiny bit more than 50 years old...not that I care to admit (or act) it.

To make the trip worthwhile, I am planning on a 10 to 14 day stay and if I could combine a week at a big shoot with an R100 or better still some club shoots, then that would be just perfect, throw in a little horse riding and I would be in heaven.