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    I have been looking for a new bow my old bow is twenty years old I think it is time to up grade. I have shoot alot of bows so far trying to decide on what bow to get. I have shoot the Bear bows, AR, Browning, and Alpine. They have been all about the same until I shoot a Martin Bengal big difference less noise, and Vibration it just alot nice bow to shoot. My big worry is the limbs, my local pro shop said that Martin has more problems with limbs breaking than other bows. Is there really a problem with the Martin limbs? Does Martin stand behind there bows and for how long? If they had problems with there limbs in the past as it been taken care of? Hoyt says that a spilt limb is the best way is there any truth to that? Which bow is the best I only what to buy one bow that will last other twenty years.

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    I believe your pro shop owner is just trying to push you into a certain bow... I have not sen or heard of a problem with the martin limbs... Im not sayuing that they have not ever had a broken one, as all bow manufactures get a bad limb from time to time... as far as martin standing behind there product... well in my opinion there is no better customer service in the business... the martin warrenty covers the limbs, cam, riser for 10 years at 100 % replacement cost and 50% after that. if you would like to check out how good hte martin customer service is I would suggest going over to and doing a search for martin and you will see first hand the kind of service they have. I have seen martin bend over backwards more then once to make a customer happy and is the reason I shoot the bow I do... mark

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    Dennis, I am brand new to Martin and bowhunting too for that matter. If you have concerns about the service and quality, as you should about anything you want to last long, I have a suggestion that may help you decide. Go to the Martin feedback forum here, check out the Martin not a common man's bow thread. Be sure to read all of it though. At the start it looks pretty bad but as you see folk's experiences and the final resolution of the problem I do not think you will have any doubts. It's a long thread but worth the reading. As a result of me reading it I purchased 1 Martin yesterday and plan on getting another tonight. Both are older models and I have no doubt they will perform as well as my year old PSE and my friend's year old Matthews. Any way you decide to go, I hope your choice works for you as long as your last one

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    Martins limbs are laminated and have been for quite a while.
    As far as I know it was either this year or last year that all Martin limbs became the Coreflex laminated limbs which is a layered laminate, along the lines of the best Olympic recurve limbs.

    I also have a feeling your dealer is telling stories to get you to pay him more.

    Sure the split limbs don't break as much, they're already split at the point where solid limbs are most likely to break. But that doesn't mean they are the best design for shooting.
    When Hoyt went to split limbs almost every other manufacturer tried them on at least part of their line. Notice how many are still using them? If they were the best design why wouldn't all manufacturers use them since they do remove the area most likely to break?

    I would have no worries about Martin sticking by their bows. Their customer service is what sold me in '97. I've only used it once since then but they're still just as good.

    I have a Bengal and love it. (I kind of hate it because it shoots just as good as the bow I spent more on building for targets.)

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    I can only reitterate what the others have said, but will ask you this. What kind of Mathews, Hoyt, or Bowtech is your pro-shop trying to sell you at almost double the price? He has an agenda, you know?

    As for who has the best limbs or design? Hoyt says, Mathews says, PSE says, whoever, they are in the business of selling their own product. If I'm not wrong Martin has been producing bows for well over 50 years. If their product were not in a class with what some might call the "big dogs" do you think they'd still be around? Actually, they may be the oldest bow company in America. They accomplish this by making GOOD equipment and backing it up with top notch customer service (when needed).

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    I agree, Sounds like your dealer is trying to sell you a higher priced bow. I have never heard of a Martin limb breaking. I dropped my Jaguar down a steep hill about 50 ft (the bow or my son, easy decision there) and I am still shooting it the way I bought it. Yeah, It may have a little luck envolved but nothing was damaged. I have fired around 500 arrows since with no problems.

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    First of all......if you are upgrading after 20 years you will be SO HAPPY with whatever bow you decide upon. I have had two bows in the last 10 years and both have been Martin. I have never had a problem with either bow in total. I agree with most of the comments, it sounds as if your pro shop is pushing another brand. I believe the Martin compares to other bows that cost $300.00 more.

    If you have another shop in the area see what they say. I bet they have a favorite bow as well.

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