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Thread: 1997 M-33 Prowler

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    Default 1997 M-33 Prowler

    Hello folks, I am new to the Martin line and have a question on a 1997 M-33 Prowler I just bought. It is presently set at 29", 65#. I need to be able to set it to 25", 40# and also 27", 50 #. What cams/modules will I need to do this? Are they still available anywhere? Do I need a press or special equipment to do it? Thanks for any information you can give.

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    Default decided to register lol

    Now I am registered since I am looking forward to using this bow as long as it still works . Still having a time of it trying to get the data for changing draw length and weight. If I find out anything I will post it in case anyone else is looking too.

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    You haven't really said what you have other than the year and model of the riser.
    Need to know the limb type and the cam type. might help you figure out what you have.

    Either way you'll probably have to call Martin and keep your fingers crossed that they have cams that old or know a store that might have them.
    I don't think you're going to find any joy in Mudville. The choices for short draws on that bow were very limited.
    The weights are another reason you'll probably have to call Martin, I've never seen a limb chart that old for us regular folk.

    Can I ask what the 25"@40lbs and 27"@50lbs is for? If you're wanting to set it up for multiple people it will be more work than it's worth.
    I'm not familiar with all the cams from that era, but even if you manage to get a cam that adjusts between 25" and 27" and limbs that hit both 40lbs and 50lbs doing it you'll be tuning all the time and never shooting.

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    Default good points

    Yes I was planning to either set it up for different people or at least try to set it up for one of those, otherwise it will end up being an extra for me. It should be here about Thursday so I will post the info on limbs and cams then. I will check out the link in the meantime. Thanks for the input . They had it listed as a tiger but the only one I found that the picture and stats matched was the '97 Prowler, I may still be wrong there too though lol. Real new to the whole subject but learning fast thanks to folks like you all.

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    Default awww man...

    On the downside, I was informed today that the parts are no longer available from Martin to do what I planned. They were pretty fast in contacting me once I contacted them by e-mail On the upside, that means I get to be the one shooting the Prowler . I will still post any specs I can get off it and pics to see if anyone can help out with comments, suggestions or info.

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    It could be named "Tiger".
    My friend has a pre-'97 Prowler that he got from a pro-shop. I have a '97 Lynx which is pretty much the same thing but made for places like Bass Pro.

    Take a look at the Gonzo Safari from '97. That riser got around
    Now I guess that riser is pretty sought after for people to make recurves out of.

    My Lynx was a pretty accurate bow.

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    Default thanks :)

    I will check it out and then take a look at the bow itself when it gets here. The name change won't bother me lol. I just need to get it figured out so I can learn what it is and is not capable of. Then learn to shoot it... Glad to hear these older ones are still shooting nice.

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