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    I have been hunting all my life but I just started bow hunting. I have not shot anything with my bow yet. I have been on an elk hunt and turkey hunts with my bow but I never get the animals in to my range (CLOSE). My brothers and friends keep telling me it is because I chose to use a recurve instead of a compound bow. Most of them havn't shot anything with their compounds so I don't know what they are talking about.

    This last turkey season I decided to use my bow to fill my second tag. I have many favorite spots not far from the house and I was sitting and waiting for sunrise. By 6:30am, I had four tom turkeys coming in and they were all huge. The first bird got to about 50 yards and I decided to put my box call down. He was running in full speed. I had to either drop my call or bend over and put it down. I was standing behind a tree so I decided to bend over and set it down. “Big Mistake”! I was busted and all four birds ran back the way they came. I tried to get them to come back but they were not having it. However, they did continue to gobble.

    I decide to go to them. I worked myself into about 35 yards but it was very steep and I was looking up at the birds. I was at full draw when a hen jumped out of a tree right next to me. She was still in the roost at 7:30 in the morning. This put the four toms on alert. The first one ran off, but the second stopped behind a downfall standing broadside to me. I drew my bow and released my arrow. It was straight on target. It was straight on and I was sure I had my first bow kill.

    I watched that arrow fly right toward that bird. It was almost like watching it in slow motion. The arrow struck the log, with a loud thump, that was right in front of and below my mark. I hit about one foot low. This was the first time I have released an arrow at an animal and the first time I have shot at anything at that angle. It was very steep and I have not practiced that shot before. The four birds jumped, going in every direction and they ran straight up hill. They were gone. I tried calling some more but I was busted.

    I have shot many birds with my shotgun. Sometimes the birds will fly or run away after the shot, but more times than not the other birds around will just get away and slowly head up hill. Sometimes they will stay right there and I have to scare them away from the downed bird. I tell you, when that arrow hit that log next to those birds that mountainside opened up. I have never seen birds leave the scene so quick.

    Out off all the birds I have taken, none of those hunts were as exciting as this one. There is nothing as neat as watching that arrow fly towards its mark and you just wait and watch. Well, I quess its a little faster then that but it did seem like it was slow motion.

    Later that same day I shot at and missed a farrow pig. It wasn't a big pig, probably around 50 pounds, but it would have been nice. She moved right when I released my arrow. I was even on the mark that time. Those pigs are squirley moving all over the place. Bow hunting is so much fun. I have my first archery mule deer hunt in September, maybe things will change for me.
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