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Thread: Soon to be Martin owner.

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    Default Soon to be Martin owner.

    I have a Martin Bengal coming in a cople of days.I traded a guy my 2005 AR31 for a new 2007 bengal.I have never owned or never shot a Martin.What should i expect from this bow?

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    I would expect to be very happy with the bow and the way it shoots. I am saving for the bengal as we speak and hope to have one soon. I love the Jaguar I have now and will likely never shoot anything than a martin.

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    I think you will be happy with your trade.. the bengal is a great shooting bow.. ive had mince about 3 months now and love it.. mark

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    I only shoot groups at 20yds with mine if I'm out to destroy some old arrows.

    Mine's accuracy starts falling off at around 50yds, but I do have an overdraw on it. I think that has more to do with the weight, it's a half pound heavier than I'm used to. I like very light bows.

    I've had many different people standing around me when I've shot and they all say they can't hear the bow go off, just the arrow wizzing through the air.
    I finally shot it in my house standing in my hallway and it was still quiet.

    Expect the cam to be very smooth. If you don't have the option of drawing more weight you'll find it a lot easier to draw the same weight you were drawing.

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    You should expect a well built and dependable bow at a fair price. You can expect a company that stands behind their product 100%. They have been building bows for 56 years, they know what their doing. The Hoyt and Mathews shooters at our local archery range like to give us Martin shooters grief, like we are shooting a inferior product. I have a couple of things to say about that. First, all they did was pay about 100-200 dollars more for a bow that is no better. Second, Hoyt is out, because I don't like split limb bows. When the guy that designed the Mathews Solocam engineered the product, he didn't think it would work. I think I'll stick with the company that's been building bows for 56 years!!!

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    We'll let me tell you .... I have shoot lots of other bow Mfg. (Bowtech,PSE,Matthews,Hoyt,Pearson) . All I can tell you is I have been shooting Martin bows for the last 3 yrs and I have nothing but great paraise , for the bow ,the mfg, Customer service , and AWSOME Tech help (Josh,Jake,Joel,Paul) 100% top notch company!

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    All I have to say is, anytime I want to hit something at 60 yards, I get out my Bengal !!!!!! Awesome !!!!!!!!

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    Just sold my 10 year old Browning Mirage yesterday and was looking at other bows today. At first I was looking at other Brownings/Matthews/Hoyt/Bear but after coming across the Martin series I think I've decided on an '07 Cheetah. The tech specs are nearly the same as the Brownings/Matthews I was looking at for almost half the price!! After reading the great reviews from Martin shooters I think it will be a great choice!

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