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Thread: Soon to be Martin owner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myk View Post
    If it's the rubber making the grip feel big it's easy to remove them and put in side plates, or leave it empty.
    I like the rubber on my hunting bows and use side plates in the summer.
    What adhesive do you use when you put the rudder grip back on?

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    I've used Shoe Goo, but it was hard to remove. I switched to Fletch-tite white label. It doesn't hold as well but is easier to remove and it's not like there's much to hold anyway.

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    All I have to say is, anytime I want to hit something at 60 yards, I get out my Bengal !!!!!! Awesome !!!!!!!!

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    Just sold my 10 year old Browning Mirage yesterday and was looking at other bows today. At first I was looking at other Brownings/Matthews/Hoyt/Bear but after coming across the Martin series I think I've decided on an '07 Cheetah. The tech specs are nearly the same as the Brownings/Matthews I was looking at for almost half the price!! After reading the great reviews from Martin shooters I think it will be a great choice!

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