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Thread: New Bow Help?

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    Default New Bow Help?

    Hi all.

    I have just bought a Jaguar Magnum '05' and it is set to 60# @ 29' draw! i want to find out how to get it up to 70#! if anyone can help it would be great!

    Regards Paul

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    Default Not A Tech

    But, those bows was made be 45-60lb or 55-70lb if you have the one made to go up to just turn you limb bolts all the way down .. snug them down,...don't crush them by truning to , if it is made to only go to 60lbs you would need to buy heavier limbs ...What does it say on the bow? It is a single cam bow right? Tell us that stuff and some one can tell you what size limbs you need .. or if the ones you got are ok..

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