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Thread: Need specs for Razor X SE????

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    Question Need specs for Razor X SE????

    Does anyone know the ATA, and BH for a 2004 RazorX SE, with Nitrous ( B )Cams. I have found specs for the Dyna Cam, and Tru Arc but nothing on Nitrous Cams.

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    Default Martin Archery HELP!!!!!!!!

    WOW, why no response from Martin techs??? I even called Martin and was told this was a Custom shop build, that it has been dicontinued, and that even though they had built many in that configuration he(the tech) said there were no specs for ATA and BH for that model. He also could not advise me any further as to where I could get this info.

    How can this be????????
    If Martin built alot of these bows, then how can they not have this info.....

    Any Help from Martin??????

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    I can be because it is. I have the same results every year. I order a custom bow and although the measurements are usually close to what's advertised in the catalog they are never right on. And I don't try to make them so because different cam configurations are going to be different.

    What I do is tweak the bow for draw length, cam orientation at rest (especially with the Nitrous cams) and tune and play with the bow till I get the best feel, letoff, least vibration, etc. This often takes me months as I'm a perpetual tinkerer. When the bow is to my liking I take and record the necessary measurements and these are the specs.

    Giving an example, I just got my new Pantera with Nitrous X on it and maxed limbs at 55#. I didn't want 60# so I ordered one size smaller limbs. The book says the Pantera is 35" A2A and 7" brace height. Mine measures 35 3/4" A2A and 6 7/8" brace height.

    I've got the draw length where it needs to be, weight, cam orientation (which I changed to suit me), and took the measurements. Close enough.

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    They don't have specs on custom shop bows. I built a "custom shop" bow and the dealer I got the limbs and cams from couldn't even get the specs.

    Look at other Nitrous AtA specs and compare to cable lengths. That will give you an idea of where it should be. But with the different cams giving different specs it's hard to say which specs they have written down.

    To set up the bow put on strings to spec lengths, tweak for draw length, draw weight and cam rotation. And there you go, that's your specs.
    Even if you had the by the book specs, specs are not carved in stone.

    And it's rare for Martin employees to respond here.

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks to all that replied, I am waiting on new strings and will go from there...

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    Default razor x

    I just put a set of nitrous C cams on my razor x se and the ATA is 35 3/4 and a brace height of 9 7/8.

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