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    got it picked up this eve.and couldnt be more pleased,gotta do some adjusting on the fall away though,i think im picking up some fletching contact.any how what does module f-4 and limb -4 mean?

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    any how what does module f-4 and limb -4 mean?
    Module f-4 is the module you're using to get your draw length. Most likely f-3 would be an inch shorter and f-5 would be an inch longer, but sometimes it skips a module and a certain module out of the bunch won't give a full inch.
    If the module numbers have a "/" in them that's the lower let off, otherwise they're high let-off.

    Did you get the pack of plastic modules or did you get the single aluminum on the bow? If you got the pack it's very easy to change your draw lengths, just watch out for stripping the modules.

    I think you're reading the limb number wrong (they're hand written so it's pretty easy, I was reading a date on mine as "12oz" when it was actually "12-'02"). It would be something like 4H, 4M or 4L. It's the deflection and says what weight the limbs will produce with certain limb/cam/riser combos.
    The difference between H (heavy) to M (medium) and to L (light) is about 3lbs. The difference between numbers is about 5lbs.
    It really doesn't matter unless you're ordering new limbs. Martin's limbs are very consistent so if you want the same weight you get the same designation, if you want to adjust your weight you change the letter or number accordingly.

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