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Thread: What year is my bow ???

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    Default What year is my bow ???

    Hello all I am new to this forum so be nice....

    I have a Martin Razor X SE with a Dyna Cam.

    String Lenth is 92 1/4"
    Cable is 38"

    The # on the sticker says : Bow 0549080

    I can not get to the specs on the martin Archery website.....

    I measured the Axle to Axle to be 34 1/2" approx....


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    Default Got it I think

    It shows I have a M-79 SE on the chart I found here.

    I Crossed my string measurements with the 2005 chart...

    I think I got it...

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    Default Same question???

    I'm also a noob... I bought a used phantom...wondering manufacture year? Any easy way to find this?

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    jpiniewski, It was manufactured in 0549080.
    But it could be a '06 model. I have Phantom II that has an '02 date, they didn't come out until '03.

    Archerbuck_32, without a serial number about all you can do is guess from the years it was made and any changes made during that time. There might be a date on the underside of the limbs but you have to take it apart and if they were swapped it would mean nothing.
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