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Thread: 07 pantera

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    Brian Pollard

    Thumbs up 07 pantera

    I have 07 pantera and this bow is defenetly worth the money smooth draw cycle smooth shot and quite mine had a little string noise but sts took care of it. This bow is great along with the rest of the martin line up and for the money I dont know why every one dont shoot one. Cant wait to get in a tree with it and smack some of those IA giants

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    Mark Y.

    Thumbs up Brian is right

    I just got an '07 Pantera and I love it. It took me 3 months to get. It was well worth the wait. I live in South Dakota and there is only one Pro series dealer and they refused to have any on hand, real smart huh. But I managed to find one elsewhere. In that time I shot just about every high end bow on the market. Nothing shoots as sweet as the Pantera at any price.

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