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Thread: Question about bow shooting to fast.

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    Default Question about bow shooting to fast.

    I have a 01 Phantom that i love and i decided to get some after market strings and some new arrows that are lighter. I have a Cobra sidewinder 3 pin sight that i almost have the sight as far up as possible. Also the 20 yard pin it really high in the sight. After the new strings and things taken off my bow the bow is shooting alot faster. I was shooting a foot high. So i raised my sight up even more and the pin to as high as they could go. I am still shooting 6 inches high. What is going on. How can i fix this problem.

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    Lower your peep and/or raise your anchor.

    It's very easy to not get the peep set at the right height on short AtA bows.

    It's doubtful that new arrows and a string got you enough speed to change your point of impact 12". I think that would take over 100fps.

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    Without trying to sound too critical I'll try to help. I assume you were shooting 20 yards or so.

    Replacing the strings does not and cannot gain enough speed to make you shoot that high. About the most you can gain from aftermarket strings is 10 fps and that isn't going to make much difference in POI till you get out past 40 yards or so. Even with new strings and lighter arrows, even if you gained 40 fps it wouldn't make that much difference at 20 yards. Maybe 2" or so is all.

    What has probably happened is that the nocking point is lower with reference to the rest. 1/8" difference there could possibly account for shooting that high. Or the peep could be a little higher on the string with reference to the nocking point. This lowers your anchor point. Or it could be a combination of the two.

    I'd suggest retuning the bow. Paper tuning or whatever method you use will suffice. Then resight the bow. Any time you change something like strings, rest or whatever it's wise to check the tune of the bow.

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