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    I've got a 2004 Cougar III fitted with SE limb pockets, magnum limbs and Tru-Arc+ cams. My DL is about 26". The bow is great, but even when set at 60 pounds and with a good solid anchor point I am having trouble reaching 90m targets. My scope is moved right in to the bow, and the arrows are 385 grains in weight.

    What can I do to get more speed from the bow?


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    There is probably a lot of things you can do. Herea re a few suggestions.

    Change arrows. Get a lighter shaft so that you can get down to that magical 5 gr/lb. In other words a 300 gr arrow. Dropping 85 grains should net about 20-25 fps.

    If you haven't already done so try different string material. BCY 8125 is one of the faster materials. When I got rid of the factory strings on my ShadowCat and went with 8125 I got an 11 fps gain. On another bow I got nothing. Each bow will be different. But you'll still have the added advantage of custom strings with less potential for creep, which means the bow won't change tune as time passes.

    Reduce the length of the center serving. Most strings have 7-8" of serving. You only need about 3".

    If using brass nock sets then get rid of them and tie one on instead. My chrono testing revealed a 4 fps loss for each brass nock set.

    Use a peep without tubing as this can rob you of up to 8 fps. If you use a kisser button then get rid of it. A kisser and peep are redundant. You don't need both.

    If you have string silencers then take them off. You don't need them on a target bow. If you must have them keep them as close to the cam(s) as possible. The closer to the center serving anything is means more loss of speed.

    Understand that the Tru-Arc is not a speed cam. If you want the ultimate in speed then you should shoot the Nitrous cams. It boils down to how much you want to spend for these. They are worth the money though.

    All told if you do all this then you could possibly see 30-50 fps more than you are presently getting. This should make for a much flatter shooting bow.

    Any more questions are welcome.

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