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Thread: Fob Shooter tries out the Bitzenburger Jig and Fusion Vanes

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    Thumbs up Fob Shooter tries out the Bitzenburger Jig and Fusion Vanes

    I've been using Starrflight Fobs for several years. I love my Fobs for hunting but they are not allowed in some Competitions. I always carry some Harvest Time Archery HT-2 with Factory fletched Blazers When I shoot with other people. Some folks are not Friendly toward us Fob Users. After some time I end up tearing Blazers off the shafts. I usually put them aside until I have time to drive 90 miles one way to the local Archery shop and I pay the shop to refletch them. I love going to the shop but the drive gets kinda old. So I bought the Bitzenburger Dial a Fletch Jig with a Straight Clamp. I also bought some Steel Force Beyond Clean Arrow Cleaner, Steel Force Beyond Bond Glue. The set up was easy. it didn't come with instructions So I went over to their website and downloaded and printed it out. In about 5 minutes I was fletching arrows.

    Here's some Harvest Time Archery HT-2 400's,.001 Spined Shafts with Pink Onestringer Wraps. 3 inch Fusion Vanes 2 Pink, 1 White. I'm letting them dry today and I'll see how they fly tomorrow. I sprained my back again ( Partially Disabled) so i'm down for the count today. I think I'm adding too much Glue. If you have tips for me please post. I'm like a Sponge soaking up the Fletching tips and Info.

    What do you think?. I love Pink For my hunting arrows. I normally use Pink Fobs for Hunting. They are so easy to see and recover after the pass through.
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