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Thread: impact of reduced brace on Cougar4?

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    Default impact of reduced brace on Cougar4?

    The 2007 Cougar C4 (Elite target) has a lower brace height (6.5") than the previous 2006 C4 model (7.5"). ATA is the same ( 42" ) so is the speed. Any thoughts on whether this would impact the forgiveness of the bow? Has anyone shot one yet?
    Why did they reduce the brace height anyway if their are no gains in speed?

    I'm not very experienced and I prefer finger shooting (target). Would the new C4 be a bad choice? Would I need to go release aid?
    I'm still perfecting my form so maybe I should settled for the slower Sceptre4 as a new bow but I like the extra speed of the Cougar and i was thinking I could grow into it.
    Anybody got any thoughts/advice?

    cheers and thanks in advance

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    The only thing I can come up with is that the Furious cam is smaller than the Nitrous so that might affect the brace height. The brace ehight measurement for the 2006 is with the C Nitrous and that's a pretty big cam.

    As for the speed difference the Furious cam is designed to have a slightly nicer valley. It's not designed for speed the way the Nitrous is. That's one reason you only see it offered on the Elite models.

    Personally, if you want to spend the money then I'd go for the S4, which has an 8" brace, but then it doesn't have the speed.

    There is another option. You might be able to order a C4 with Nitrous cams from the custom shop or look around a try to find a 2006 model. To find out is only a phone call away.

    Try the classifieds on

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    Default Many possibilities.....

    Hey Andrew -

    One key question - have you measured the brace, or are you going on the info in the catalog or published on the web ? It may be just a typo - those are pretty common.

    Another factor is the cam. The Nitrous C cam body does add some additional brace height over the A & B cams because of the larger cam body, so the old spec may have been measured on a C cam, and the new spec on an A or B cam. The new Furious cam will also offer lower brace height, due to the smaller cam body and the lobe being primarily on the front of the cam instead of the back.

    Re: the fingers issue, the ATA should be long enough to allow comfortable finger shooting unless you have thick fingers. Although I am sure someone will argue, it is my honest opinion that 99% of people will shoot more accurately with a release than with fingers.

    Re: brace height and forgiveness, I honestly don't give that much thought. I wouldn't go to 5 1/2" brace for a spot target bow, but I think the longer ATA balance is a bigger factor than the brace height. Higher brace height just gets the arrow off the string a millisecond or two quicker, meaning there is less opportunity for the shooter to affect the shot, but you already know the price paid is a millisecond or two less time for the bow to "load up" the arrow, meaning less speed. For spots shooting at known distance, it doesn't matter much. For unknown distances like 3D and most hunting, I want the extra speed - I'll take the blame if my form induces a problem in the last milliseconds. For cold weather hunting, the low brace height can get caught on heavy coat sleeves a bit more, so if you hunt in ultra cold a lot, you might take that into consideration.

    I was shooting a 1999 Fury Elite converted to Nos X cams for spots, which is about the same geometry as the Cougar 4, but with a lower brace height (about 6 1/4 - 6 3/8 with Nitrous B cams) but have picked up a Scepter 3 to set up for next season. For set 20 yard shooting, the speed doesn't really make any difference - you set your sight for 20 yds and who cares how much it might arc getting there. I don't think the lower brace height really hurt me, I just got a good deal on the Scepter 3, and now I can set up my Fury for varied distance shooting, like Field & 3D.

    Best of luck to ya,


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    Thumbs up 2007 Cougar4 - thanks for the advice guys

    Thanks Darren and Bfisher. This tech forum is fantastic thanks to people like yourselves. I live in Australia so its difficult phoning Martin USA. Prefer independent advice anyway. I sent them an email but they replied with an automated email requesting more info about my bow and to call them.....very dissapointing. Thanks again guys.

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